“Personal Vendetta”: Delhi College Principal On Legal Notice By Officer News Portal

College principal Naina Hasija said that the officer was caught stealing important documents.

New Delhi: A legal notice has been sent to the Kalindi College principal for allegedly “harassing and torturing” the college’s senior accounts officer.

Rejecting the allegations, the principal, Naina Hasija, termed the legal notice “personal vendetta” and claimed that Mr Gupta was caught stealing important documents on May 11.

The notice was sent on Sunday by the wife of the accounts officer, Amit Gupta, through their lawyer to Hasija, College Assistant Consultant Anil Kumar Butan and officiating SPA to the principal Bhawna Munjal.

Accusing the three of taking “illegal actions” and issuing “threats” to Amit Gupta, the notice demanded an unconditional apology to the senior accounts officer of the college.

“Immediately cease and desist yourself from harassing, torturing and giving undue mental stress to the husband of our client apart from your official capacity,” the notice demanded.

Hasija, however, said, “This is a personal vendetta. Why would I harass him? There are 100 officers in the college. Nobody says that they are being harassed. Why only he?” “He is a highly inefficient officer. He was not coming to the office for weeks after getting caught red-handed stealing documents on May 11. We have sent several notices to him to come to the college,” she said.

The legal notice sent to the principal by the wife of the officer was the second one in around two months. In March, she had sent a similar notice, detailing the alleged “harassment” by the principal.

“Despite the receipt of legal notice dated 10-03-2022, you have not bothered yourself to make any improvement in your actions and deeds which are contrary to law and showcase your narcissist behaviour,” the notice read.

The principal had earlier this month written to Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana, demanding an FIR to be registered against Amit Gupta for alleged “theft” of official documents. She has accused Gupta of “scanning important secret” financial documents.

In a letter to Asthana on May 11, Hasija said, “I want to request you to lodge a complaint to register FIR today against Amit Gupta SO Accounts who have been caught red-handed today while scanning old documents and bills passed by the undersigned at 5:10 pm.” “The documents and bills were scanned under his orders in the accounts department and were being prepared for sending through e-mail to someone. These are important secret financial documents and nobody outside the college requires any of them,” she said.

A Kalindi college teacher said Amit Gupta was not coming to the office since he was “harassed” by the principal on May 11.

“She accused him of stealing and abused him in front of all staff. When he left the college, she made the guards go after him. She has been constantly misbehaving with the officer,” the teacher told PTI.

The legal notice demanded the principal “gives an assurance in writing that nothing will happen to the life, property and reputation” of Gupta.

“Compensate our client for the mental stress and pain she faced at the physical and mental condition of her husband, which was caused because of your illegal and unlawful actions,” it added. PTI VA NSD

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