Perfect Indian Lunch Ideas to Make Your Life Hassle-free!

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Perfect Indian Lunch Ideas to Make Your Life Hassle-free!

What should I have for lunch? Does this question continually bother you even at your work? Well, we feel you. Lunch is an important meal of the day that keeps you moving by providing the necessary nutrients and energy at work. Having said that, finding a perfect lunch idea can be a troublesome thing to do. 

Here we’ve got the incredible Indian lunch ideas to fit your taste and keep your lunch choices sorted. Indian lunch ideas consist of an extensive variety coming together from all regions of India. To keep it simple, today we’ve covered north-Indian cuisine’s lunch choices. Stay assured, all below-mentioned lunch ideas are easily available and lip-smacking. 

Rajma Chawal

We’re starting the list with an all-time favorite dish that no one can resist. Rajma Chawal is a scrumptious meal prepared from kidney beans served with rice. Apart from enticing your taste buds with deliciousness, it also consists of high nutritional value. According to observational studies, adding kidney beans and legumes to your diet can speed up your weight loss process. This superfood is a perfect fooder that can become a perfect motivation to go to work on Mondays. 

Veg Biryani with Raita

If you are a biryani connoisseur, veg biryani with raita is enough to interest you in lunch at work. There couldn’t be anything better than veg biryani from north-Indian lunch choices because it is soul-satiating and fulfilling at the same time. The good amount of carbs, proteins, and fat combined with veg salads and lemon pickles make Biryani healthy and heavenly both. Raita is a perfect side dish to balance out the spices of biryani and helps with digestion too. Biryani is a wholesome food option that can help you have a wholesome eating experience. 

Aloo Gobhi served with Tandoori Roti & Cucumber Raita

Sometimes, it is good to have something simple and get nostalgic about homemade food. Aloo gobhi is that one food that has an amazing taste and can also be prepared easily. All in all, having some cucumber raita and tandoori raita with aloo gobhi is one of the fantastic Indian lunch ideas that you’ll never regret having. 

Kadhai Paneer with Butter Roti

Kadhai paneer can never go wrong for lunch.  It is a spicy, warming, supremely delicious dish with fresh ground spices. To make the day better, nothing can match Kadhai paneer with butter roti (Flatbread). In addition, having a heavy lunch gives the needed push to you to work better after feeding your hunger. The protein content in paneer is beneficial for health and balances out the spices perfectly. 

Paneer Do Pyaza served with Butter Naan

For the Punjabi folks and paneer enthusiasts, paneer do pyaza is nothing less than a divine food choice to have for lunch. Onion and paneer are used as main ingredients, and with a variety of spices & ingredients, it comes together as a tummy-pleasing dish. To uplift your eating experience, consider having the dish with Butter Naan (a flatbread prepared with refined wheat flour) as it is loaded with the goodness of butter. 

Be it any occasion or craving to eat something delicious, paneer do pyaza is a life-saver. If you got hungry, Order some deliciousness to your doorsteps now from BitesBee – A Food Nest!

Cheese Naan with Gravy 

Any north-Indian lunch idea is incomplete without cheese naan with gravy. The stuffed cheese naan & hot serving of gravy combined together is a perfect food option to have for lunch. However, if you cannot stop thinking about this heavenly combination, consider having some of the best restaurants in Chandigarh, Mohali. 

Khichdi & Curd

Not every time you look for heavy lunch so on those days consider choosing Khichdi and curd. The dish is prepared from yellow mung lentils, and rice with some basic spices served with curd.  It is helpful for detoxification also aids in weight loss. During the healing phase from any injury, it acts as a superfood due to its anti-inflammatory properties and further assists with digestion too. 

The final words 

On the whole, having good lunch is a stress-buster; and a much-needed break to continue working effectively.  However, we’ve stated above widely popular north-Indian cuisines that can make your everyday life hassle-free.

Well, all these dishes taste amazing when cooked in the Punjabi style & simmered in enriching masalas. If you’re curious to witness the amazing north-Indian style dishes, visit BitesBee – A Food Nest where chefs plate an epicurean experience within the food. 

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