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Musicians pursue largest orchestra record

Caracas: Hundreds of violins, violas and double basses sounded at Venezuela’s military academy on Saturday, then woodwinds, brass and percussion gradually joined in — and thousands of musicians were playing with a single goal: setting the record as the world’s largest orchestra. They performed a 10-minute Tchaikovsky piece outdoors under the watchful eyes of independent supervisors with the job of verifying that more than 8,097 instruments were playing simultaneously, which would break the current record. AP

Ex-princess goes to US with commoner husband

tokyo: A Japanese princess who gave up her royal status to marry her commoner college sweetheart left for New York on Sunday, as the couple pursued happiness as newlyweds and left behind a nation that has criticised their romance. The departure of Mako Komuro, the former Princess Mako, and Kei Komuro, both 30, was carried live by major Japanese broadcasters, showing them boarding a plane amid a flurryof camera flashes at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. AP

Indian-origin vicar appointed Bishop in UK

London: An Indian-origin vicar who grew up in the Syrian Orthodox Church in South India has been appointed as the new Bishop of Loughborough, in central England. The Reverend Malayil Lukose Varghese Muthalaly, known as Saju, is the Vicar of St. Mark’s Gillingham, in the Diocese of Rochester – southern England. PTI

Three snow leopards die of Covid in US zoo

Lincoln: Three snow leopards have died at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo in Nebraska of complications from Covid. The zoo made the announcement in a Facebook post on Friday, describing the deaths of the three leopards — named Ranney, Everest, and Makalu — as “truly heartbreaking.” AP

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