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Move Over Your Regular Chapatis, 6 Healthy Alternatives To Wheat Chapatis For Weight Loss

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and starting a weight loss journey can become overwhelming. Many people come and tell us what to eat and avoid. If not this, then a diet chart from your dietitian can also surprise you in many ways. It may be challenging to control calories and add new food according to your diet. In the end, it all pays off when you see healthy changes in your body. While cutting down on food is not the best option, there are ways in which you substitute your daily ingredients. To help you in your weight loss journey and to introduce you to few new things, here are healthy alternatives to your wheat chapatis that will help you! Since chapatis are a staple in Indian households, it can be difficult to substitute them with other ingredients. But changing the wheat to other options might help you.

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Here Are 6 Healthy Alternatives To Wheat Chapatis For Weight Loss:

1. Oats Chapati

This gluten-free grain is known to be rich in several vitamins, fibres, antioxidants and minerals. It is known to aid in weight loss, improve cholesterol and blood sugar as well. To make oats chapati, first, take one cup of oats and refine it to turn into a flour consistency. Now all you need to do is mix the oats flour with water and knead a dough. When the oats dough is ready, roll out your chapatis.

Oats aid in weight loss

2. Ragi Roti

Ragi is known to be high in proteins and helps you in weight loss, improving your skin and hair. To make this, take one cup of ragi flour and knead the dough with lukewarm water. The lukewarm water will help to bind the flour properly. Then bake your chapati and include it in your diet.


Ragi is known to be high in proteins

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3. Jau Ki Chapati

Jau (or barley) is known to improve your digestion, low cholesterol and might reduce heart diseases. For jau ki roti, you would require barley flour and knead a dough with lukewarm water. When the dough is ready, cook your chapati.


It helps to improve digestion

4. Channa Chapati

Black chickpeas (or kala chana) is another staple of Indian households. You can make the base of this flour at your home by grinding one cup of kala chana. Knead the dough with water and milk/curd. Milk/curd is added to make the texture of the chapati soft.


Roasted black chana can help you lose weight

5. Jowar Roti

For the base of this roti, take the jowar grains and grind it to a flour-like consistency. When the flour is formed combine the jowar flour with lukewarm water and knead the dough. Cook this on medium flame. Jowar is known to help in heart health, boost immunity and is also rich in various nutrients.


Jowar is known to help in heart health

6. Almond flour

Almond flour can be easily found in the market. To make this chapati you would need to take one cup of almond flour, a pinch of salt and combine the dough with water. Cook the chapati on medium flame. Almonds are known to have potassium, vitamins, magnesium and other nutrients. It may also help you in controlling blood sugar, is loaded with antioxidants and lowers cholesterol.


Almond flour can be easily found in the market

On your weight loss journey, try replacing your wheat substitutes with these healthy options.

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