Man Cook Paratha Floating in Ghee Like a Pro -Ticket to Heaven

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Man Cook Paratha Floating in Ghee Like a Pro -Ticket to Heaven

Man Cook Paratha Floating in Ghee Like a Pro -Ticket to Heaven

Move over Netflix, food is the new binge-watch obsession. From drool-worthy recipes to wacky food combinations, our feeds are filled with all kinds of food videos that make us question our life choices. But who needs self-reflection when you can indulge in paratha floating in ghee? Recently, we stumbled upon an Instagram reel that made us forget our diet plans and dive headfirst into a pool of calories.

A street food vendor in India created a paratha so loaded with ghee that users started wondering if it’s legal to sell heart attacks on a plate. But hey, who cares about health when you have social media fame, right? So sit back, grab a tub of ghee, and watch the video that will make you question everything you know about food – and possibly your life choices too.

The Instagram reel showcasing the ‘Swimming Pool wale Dilkhush Parathe’ was shared by the video creator @officialsahihai. The video begins with the street food vendor adding a generous amount of ghee straight from a packet onto a paratha. As he flips the paratha over, the ghee melts and creates a shimmering pool of liquid gold, making the paratha look like it’s taking a dip. He then expertly cooks the paratha on both sides until it’s perfectly crispy and golden brown.


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Before serving, he drains the excess ghee by tilting the tawa, making sure that not a drop of the precious liquid is wasted. The caption aptly describes the dish as a ‘Swimming Pool wale Dilkhush Parathe,’ which roughly translates to ‘Happy Paratha from the Swimming Pool.’

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