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EVET will provide companies with its fleet of electric vehicles for mid-mile food deliveries.

Magenta co-founder, Darryl Dias with the EVET electric delivery vehicle.

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Magenta co-founder, Darryl Dias with the EVET electric delivery vehicle.
Magenta’s electric mobility, charging and technology vertical EVET has entered a partnership with Elior India, SPRINK Kinematic FoodTech, Kadambass hospitality, and Foodieverse to provide EVs for food delivery services. The collaboration is said to be EVET’s first move into the mid-mile deliveries space and furthers the push for electric mobility in the delivery business. Bengaluru will be the first city to benefit from the new partnerships with the services set to expand to other cities in the following months. EVET currently operates about 400 electric vehicles in its fleet spread across multiple cities including Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Mid-mile deliveries entail the transport of goods from warehouses or distribution centres to final purchase locations such as shops or restaurants.

“We are delighted to have collaborated and entered into the food delivery space using electric vehicles, where food safety and delivery compliances is paramount. Deliveries on EVs will reduce the cost of running delivery trucks by up to 20 – 40%, benefiting our various partners with larger pay-outs. We have deployed around 100 EVET Vehicles for food delivery along with the prerequisite charging network and are seeking to enhance this to 600 EVET vehicles in upcoming months only in the food delivery segment,” said Darryl Dias, Co-founder of Magenta.


EVET already operates a 400 vehicle strong EV fleet in multiple cities across India.

Under the new partnerships, EVET says it is deploying new electric three-wheelers with larger loading capacities and fast charging capabilities to maximise useability. The company says that its fleet is additionally managed by an in-house developed fleet management system allowing for real-time tracking of the vehicles as well as the provision of dedicated service support.

Abhishek Mandal, Co-Founder and COO, SPRINK, said, “We at SPRINK (Kinematic Foodtech Pvt. LTD) are committed towards alternative and sustainable mobility options for our delivery requirements. By partnering with EVET in December last year we were able to transition 70% of our vehicles to electric and we are on track to convert 100% in the next 3 months.”


EVET says that it wants to meet a target of covering over 10 lakh kilometers per month with its EV delivery fleet by 2023. The company has already partnered with e-commerce firms for last-mile delivery services.

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