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Love Spicy Kachori? The Sweet Version Is Equally Good; Find Meethi Kachori Recipe Inside

The North Indian delicacy of kachori can never fail to impress us. This popular street food whets our appetite for something ‘desi’ and spicy for evening snacks, every single time. The puffed pastry snack is available in different flavours across the country; it’s amazing how all of them taste superb! Kachori is mostly enjoyed for its flavourful masala tucked in nicely in the crispy fried kachori. But did you know you could have your favourite kachori to satisfy your sweet tooth too? Surprised? You should be. This never-seen-before meethi kachori is a total sensation that is sure to rattle you first but impress you just seconds later.

The meethi kachori is for all the sweet lovers out there. It is different not just for its sweet taste but it also stands apart as it adds in besan flour (gram flour) also as one of the ingredients. Mostly kachoris are made with dough kneaded with all-purpose flour. The dough for this special kachori is made with the addition of besan that lends its distinct nutty taste to this snack.

This meethi kachori is ideal for festivals when our appetite is always hankering for something sweet. And this kachori fulfils our utmost desires with elements of desi Indian desserts – ‘fried’, ‘crispy’ and ‘sweet’. Do we need anything more? We guess not.

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How To Make Meethi Kachori I Sweet Kachori Recipe

The kachori is surprisingly easy to make. We are sure you’ll end up making it again and again for your family, friends and of course, for yourself.

Click here for the complete recipe of meethi kachori.

To make this kachori, first knead the dough with flour, besan and ghee. Make the filling with khoya, castor sugar, dry fruits and cardamom. Make kachoris and fill them up with masala, then deep fry them. Serve them after dipping in sugar syrup of saffron (kesar).

Do try this unique kachori recipe and let us know how you liked it.

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