Landour Mussoorie Tourists Place 2024

Landour Mussoorie Tourists Place 2024

Landour Mussoorie Tourists Place 2024

Landour Mussoorie: In this changing world, some places have consistently stood the test of time. The famous Indian writer Ruskin Bond once spoke fondly about one such place, the same destination we are visiting today. Hello, I’m Guri, and if you’re ready, let’s go!

Situated a thousand feet above Mussoorie, Landour is only a short journey of 5 kilometers by road. Yet, in reality, it takes you to a different world – a world of old bungalows, tall pine trees, invigorating fresh air, and a relaxed pace of life.

History Of Landour

Established by the British in 1827 as a sanctuary for soldiers battling India’s tropical climate and tuberculosis, Landour gradually grew into a cantonment.

During the British Raj, British domestic soldiers often named Indian towns after places in their homeland, thus Landour got its name from a quaint village in Wales. It is a paradise for mountain lovers, offering tranquil walks amidst misty pine forests. The freshness of the earthy wood in the air transforms a simple walk into a surreal experience.

Landour View & Way

Landour Mussoorie Tourists Place 2024

The layout of Landour forms a figure-eight shape, with a larger loop known as Gol Chakkar. From here, a picturesque view of the Doon Valley on one side and the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas on the other side is visible.

Accessible via Dehradun Airport and Mussoorie Bus Stand, travel from Dehradun usually requires hiring a taxi for around Rs 2000 as the final stretch towards Landour is steep and narrow.

As you climb, you will encounter Landour’s iconic landmark, Char Dukaan, which is a testament to the eternal charm of the city. While there were originally four shops during the British period, there are now six.

Char Dukaan Landour

Among them, Anil’s Café and Tip-Top Tea Shop have stood for more than half a century, adorned with photographs showcasing the celebrities who frequented these quaint establishments. Landour may not offer a lot of attractions for tourists, but for those who love a leisurely stroll amidst the tranquility of nature, it offers tranquility in abundance.

So, if you want an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life, Landour awaits you with its eternal charm and serene landscapes.

In this charming spot, you will find people enjoying a range of culinary delights, from omelets and pancakes to waffles, Maggi, parathas, and of course, my personal favourite, ginger lemon tea. Let me tell you,  ginger lemon tea is the epitome of perfection. So, if you trust my taste buds, make sure to enjoy the chocolate pancake with refreshing ginger lemon tea – it’s an absolute must!

Now, you might be wondering how Landour can still be considered an offbeat destination despite being close to Mussoorie. Well, Landour is a cantonment area, where strict rules prohibit deforestation and new construction. As a result, there is a dense population of hotels here. As the saying goes, “four shops and 24 houses” – this is the essence of Landour.

Best Time To Visit Landour

While most hill stations generally attract tourists only during two seasons – in summer to escape the heat and in winter to escape the snowfall – I think monsoon has a charm of its own. Yes, there may be some challenges in the journey, but with the right advice and guidance, it can be the most wonderful time to travel. With fewer tourists around, driving through lush green mist-covered mountains is an experience that truly takes your breath away.

I have to admit, I’m already succumbing to temptation just thinking about it. So, let’s make it official—the upcoming monsoon season is Landour’s.

Where to stay in Landour – History of Rokeby Manor & La Villa Bethany

Now, when it comes to accommodation, Landour offers only a few options, two excellent options of which are Rokeby Manor and La Villa Bethany. Rokeby Manor, a 180-year-old bungalow that has been converted into a premium boutique hotel by Mars Group, exudes a unique heritage charm. Despite its status as a luxury property, it retains its unique historical character, symbolizing royal hospitality.

In addition to the main hotel, Rokeby Manor features standalone private cottages located in breathtaking locations, offering stunning Himalayan views. As well as its distinctive character and picturesque setting, I also value a personal touch in my accommodation choices – and Rokeby Manor offers exactly that.

So I lean a little towards La Villa Bethany. This award-winning homestay not only boasts of a heritage charm but also shares an inspiring story of Sunita and Amarjeet, a regular middle-class couple who swapped the hustle and bustle of the city for the peace of the mountains.

As soon as you step inside, you are greeted by a warm homely ambiance, enriched by Amarjeet’s captivating stories and Sunita’s delicious culinary creations. As a small, family-run establishment, it offers the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow travelers.

However, it is important to note that accommodation in Landour comes with a price tag. This factor often attracts tourists to Mussoorie. Still, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, Landour Market offers a viable option. Located about 1 kilometer from Char Dukan, properties like Domas Inn and The Ivy Cottage offer relatively affordable accommodation.

Cozy Cafes of Landour

Given Landour’s small size, travelling on foot is highly recommended. While strolling around, you’ll find charming cafés that are perfect for a refreshing break. Landour Bakehouse tempts with freshly baked cakes and pastries, while Café Ivy serves delicious Aglio Olio pasta and pizza.

For those craving delicious treats, Emily’s offers juicy roast chicken and sticky toffee pudding. Each establishment perfectly complements the laid-back atmosphere of the city with its charming ambiance, delectable behavior, and picturesque valley views.

Stories Hidden in the Old Bungalows

Two colonial-era churches add to the old-world charm – St. Paul’s, where Jim Corbett’s parents were married, and Kellogg Church, named after Dr. Samuel Kellogg, who founded the Landour Language. The school was established where the British learned Hindi.

Despite its small size, Landour still exudes a strong sense of pride and community, evident by the presence of dustbins and quirky messages on trees every few hundred metres. However, despite these efforts, it is disappointing to see tourists throwing away water bottles and chocolate wrappers.

Such actions weaken our efforts to keep our country clean. We all should take responsibility for maintaining our environment. Nevertheless, one aspect that has attracted worldwide attention to Mussoorie and Landour is the rare natural phenomenon known as winterline.

What Is Winterline In Landour?

Landour Mussoorie Tourists Place 2024

During the winter months, the sun sets behind a false horizon, resulting in a mesmerizing view of yellow, orange, and red colors across the horizon – a phenomenon seen only in Switzerland and Mussoorie.

Landour is not just a place; It’s a feeling – a feeling that evokes peaceful and joyful memories. And if you’re looking for souvenirs, the Sisters Bazaar is worth a visit. Despite its modest size, Prakash Stores, established in 1928, is a popular spot known for its homemade peanut butter and cheese, making Landour the peanut butter capital of India.

There’s an Italian saying, “La dolce for niente,” which translates to “the art of doing nothing.” I had heard it long ago, but I didn’t really understand its meaning until I reached Landour. So, do yourself a favour and visit Landour at least once; Maybe you want to stay there forever. Who knows, you might bump into me there too!

Anyway, I’ll be back with another destination, another adventure, and lots more stories. Until then, remember to be kind, grateful and most of all, be happy.

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