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Kaushalendra Swing Indoor Outdoor Jhula for Home with Stand 300 kg Capacity (Iron Swing)

Price: ₹ 16,990.00 - ₹ 12,990.00

Product Description

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        Bring out the child in you and enjoy your time in nature or at the comfort of your home with this Kaushalendra Indoor Outdoor Jhula.

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    Construction and durability

        The swing is constructed out of heavy iron pipe and the swing chair is made from Galvanized C channel single side powder coating high gloss which makes it durable and unique from other swings. The heavy-duty construction makes it long-lasting and durable for many years.

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    Easy to assemble

        The swing is easy to assemble as it is a normal iron frame where the swing chair already assembled and ready to use.

    Finish and Look

        The seating has a unique black and maroon combination which adds a natural charm to the swing and the canopy has a red and white combination on the roof which adds a hint of color and completes the look.

    Easy to clean

        The swing can be easily cleaned with mild water and a cloth. Just one swipe and it is good to use.

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        This swing can be enjoyed in outdoor and in outdoor space where 2 people can enjoy the surroundings while drinking tea, eating snacks, chatting, discussing, spending time together, or just enjoying nature and the weather or spend time at home relaxing.

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Material: Heavy Iron Pipe and Galvanized “C” channel swing chair. Warranty: 6 months.
Color: Black on stand, Black and Maroon on swing chair. Package Include: Swing with Frame and swing chair.
Easy to assemble: Normal Iron Frame and swing chair assembly(very easy) required then ready to use. Swing seating allows you to maintain and entertain with no hassle.
Strong & Durable: Heavy metal frame supports up to 2 people. Swing load up to 300 kg.

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