Jubilee Park Tatanagar – Discover the Beauty of Nature at Jubilee Park Jharkhand Tourism

Jubilee Park Tatanagar – Discover the Beauty of Nature at Jubilee Park Jharkhand Tourism

Jubilee Park Tatanagar – Discover the Beauty of Nature at Jubilee Park Jharkhand Tourism: Jubilee Park is one of the major tourist places located in the city of Jamshedpur, India. This park is one of the best tourist attractions in Jamshedpur.

Jubilee Park Tatanagar is a major attraction for the people of the city as well as tourists. It is a great place, especially for nature lovers and to enjoy nature while sitting in the lap of nature.

Hence it is an important place of attraction for those who want to spend some special time in the busy life of the city. A wonderful place for people of all age groups to enjoy themselves with their families.

The entire park is surrounded by lush green trees. The view of the park at sunset is worth seeing. Spending some time in this park makes a memorable experience.


On its Golden Jubilee in August 1958, Tata Steel presented to the citizens of Jamshedpur a 37.75-acre park in the heart of the city, popularly known as Jubilee Park. Hence it was named Jubilee Park. The park is operated and maintained by Tata Steel. 

Jubilee Park was established under the leadership of Sir Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata, a great Indian industrialist, founder of the Tata Group, and the founder of the city of Jamshedpur.

The Architecture of Jubilee Park Tatanagar

The beautiful Jubilee Park, commonly referred to as the Mughal Gardens of Jamshedpur, draws its inspiration from the Vrindavan Gardens of Mysore. Sprawling over 500 acres, the park is divided into several sections.

Jubilee Park also houses a tall statue of Sir Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata, who founded the Tata group and the city.

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There is a separate part of the park which is known as the Rose Garden. Where you will find roses of different varieties and colors. The park looks very green and colourful when the roses are in bloom during the winter season of the year. This is one of the most beautiful gardens in Jamshedpur.

The colorful appearance of this park from a distance attracts tourists. Many years ago, the park was established. In the evening, multicolored fountains and lights illuminate Fountain Park.

The park looks very beautiful during sunset. A favourite place for kids inside the park is Children’s Park. In which many rides, swings, etc. have been installed. It is a wonderful place filled with greenery and fresh air.

In the middle of the park is Jayanti Sarovar which is most popular among the youth. It is located near the entrance of Tata Steel Zoological Park. Quiet lake with greenery all around. There are some benches facing the lake, which gives it a wonderful view.

It is a different pleasure to spend the evening sitting by the lake. You can also catch fish in the lake. Boating facilities are also available to enjoy the beauty of the lake more clearly. There is a bat island in the middle of the lake.

Smriti Udhayan, which means a Garden of Memories, is a part of the park where saplings are planted by members of various communities, and organizations, and also by Tata Group employees.

For the memory of any great personality or any event. Shatabdi Udyan is a lush green lawn just opposite Jayanti Sarovar. It is the best place for a picnic while enjoying the view of the lake. There is also a medicinal garden in a part of the park.

An Automated Cycle Sharing System (ABSS) has been arranged in the park in the year 2019 by Tata Steel and JUSCO in association with Tilt Bikes and Tata International.

Cycles can be booked through the mobile app (tilt. bike/app) and you can download the app for free from the Google Play Store. Timing Sunday to Saturday Rs. 15/Hour 1 Person.

Best Time

Visitors should plan to visit the park during the celebrations of March 3, when the park is decorated like a bride annually in honor of Founder’s Day, which marks the birth anniversary of Sir Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata.

People from far and wide come to the city to see it. People from West Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa especially visit Jamshedpur on this day to see the decorations and lights. This decoration is kept for 4 days (March 2 to March 5).

The park has two entrances, the Sakchi entrance, and the Circuit House entrance.

Ticket Price:

Admission to every garden and lawn at Jubilee Park, including the Children’s Park, is free. The entry fee is applicable only for Tata Steel Zoological Park, Nikko Jubilee Park, Splash Zone, Laser Show, and Musical Fountain.

How to Reach:

By Air: Air Deccan connects Jamshedpur to Kolkata airport, and a private airline operates twice-weekly flights from Delhi to Jamshedpur. The airport primarily serves the arrival and departure of corporate flights.

also, it is used by Jamshedpur Co-operative Flying Club and Tatanagar Aviation for flight training. Apart from Kolkata, the nearest airport is Ranchi’s Birsa Munda International Airport, which is about 131 km from Jubilee Park.

By Rail: Tatanagar Railway Junction is the nearest railway station located 12 km away from the park.

The South Eastern Railway considers Tatanagar (Jamshedpur) as one of its most significant railway stations. Direct connections to major cities in India, such as Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Patna, Raipur, Bhubaneshwar, and Nagpur, are available at this station, referred to as Tatanagar.

By Road: Both government and private bus services offer direct routes to Jamshedpur from major cities in Bihar, Bengal, and Orissa, including Ranchi (131 km), Patna, Gaya, and Kolkata (250 km).

Direct bus services (government and private) to Jamshedpur are available from other major cities of Bihar, Bengal, and Orissa including Ranchi (131 km), Patna, Gaya, and Kolkata (250 km).

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