JiMMy Pet Products Ball Shaped Clumping Bentonite Cat Litter Lavender Scented 5 Kg Pet Accessories

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Price: ₹490.00 - ₹425.00
(as of Jul 02,2022 22:59:08 UTC – Details)


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Premium clumping/scoopable cat litter,JiMMy Cat Litter Ball Shaped cat litter contains very high liquid absorption capacity, which helps in forming instant hard clump and this makes cleaning up the cat litter tray / cat litter box an easy task. It’s unique odour lock formula eliminates odour and neutralizes ammonia. It is made from finest quality 100% natural bentonite which forms crumble free clumps, less consumption & long-lasting. It’s unique earth brown colour is easily accepted by cats and is soft on paws. Premium quality cat litter sand for cats. It is a high quality litter sand for cat . This kitty litter / cat sand is easy to use.Proudly Made in India with Indian Earth Brown Bentonite
Forms Instant Hard Clump
Superior Odour Control with Long-lasting Lavender Fragrance
Processed from Finest Quality Natural Bentonite. Premium Ball Shaped Cat Litter
Easy to clean cat litter tray / cat litter box & maintains the litter habits & hygiene of your cat.

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