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Is it advisable to lose 10kg a month? Nutritionist answers top questions about weight loss

Many wish to lose weight in the shortest time possible by trying various diets and exercises. But it is extremely essential to understand that weight loss is a journey that takes time and equal efforts.

Nutritionist Nancy Dehra recently took to Instagram to answer the few most frequently asked questions about weight loss.

Is losing 10 kilos a month advisable?

It is unhealthy to lose 10kgs in a month; for it, you will have to starve yourself and once you start eating again, you will gain more weight than you lost, said Dehra.
Instant weight loss. (Source: Getty Images)

How many hours does one need to workout to lose weight?

An hour of workout most days is more than enough. “Prefer strength training to add/retain muscle mass,” she recommended.

For the uninitiated, strength training, also called weight training or resistance training, is pitching the body against some type of resistance including one’s own bodyweight, barbells or other weights. The resistance as part of the training helps build muscle endurance.
Tried everything but can’t seem to lose weight
“You are hopping from one solution to other. Stick to the basics and give it time,” she remarked.

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