In 3 Easy Steps, Celebrity Nutritionist Explains How To Get Over A Weight Loss Plateau

Most of us are still struggling to shed the extra kilos we put on during the lockdown, which drastically reduced our mobility. No matter how much we have tried, that stubborn fat has refused to leave us despite our best efforts. And, the fats have found a way to stick around. Worry not. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has some quick and smart tips that may help you burn fat easily. Her three easy tips to break the weight loss plateau, shared in a recent Instagram update, are as follows:    

Many people feel stuck at the same weight even after exercising

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1. Take an afternoon nap:

Opposed to popular belief, Diwekar said, an afternoon nap helps in sleeping better. It also allows a person to get optimum levels of growth hormones. This in turn accelerates the weight loss process. However, Diwekar has one piece of advice: “Restrict your afternoon nap to just 20 minutes — not more, not less,” she added.    

2. Restructure exercise:

Do not over-exercise, it will make fat loss much more difficult. Diwekar said a healthy exercise programme should have at least two easy workout days when people should stretch, swim or just cycle. If they go for yoga, there’s nothing better than that. Yoga has been found to relax the mind and the body significantly.    

3. Have healthy fats:

Increase the consumption of essential fats available in food items like peanuts, til (sesame seeds), dry coconut. Include these items in your regular diet so that the stubborn fat starts burning at an increased pace, giving you results earlier than you anticipate.

Check out her Instagram post here:

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At the end of the video, the celebrity nutritionist asked her followers to try the three easy tips and let her know how they feel. Rujuta regularly shares tips and tools on her social media handle to inspire and educate people on how to improve their lifestyle and lead a healthy life.

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