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Dry fruits are often described as a ‘superfood’ as they offer numerous health benefits. They are rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and proteins, which is why we look for ways to include them in our daily diet. Just a handful of nuts every day are sufficient to fulfill certain dietary requirements. Due to this, we end up buying them in large quantities. However, if not stored correctly after buying, they can go bad with time and wouldn’t offer the same benefits as freshly-bought dry fruits. So, it is important to store them in a way that keeps them fresh for a longer period. Wondering how to do that? Here we have got you some easy tips that would help extend the shelf life of dry fruits and will ensure that you do not miss out on any of their goodness. Take a look. 

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Here Are Some Tips To Extend Shelf Life Of Dry Fruits:  

1.Use Air-Tight Containers 

Keeping freshly-bought dry fruits in air-tight containers is the first and most important step in ensuring their longevity. This limits their contact with oxygen and helps them remain fresh and crispy. It also reduces the risk of them drying out.  

2.Store In A Cool And Dry Place 

Most people prefer to store nuts and dry fruits in their kitchen. However, make sure to keep them in a cool and dry place as storing them at a place that has direct sunlight would make them go rancid quickly.  

 3.Toast Them 

Another great option to extend the shelf life of dry fruits is to toast them. So, the next time you notice your dry fruits going bad, just roast them in the oven for 4-5 minutes and you’ll have fresh dry fruits instantly. PS: You can also roast them lightly on a pan if you do not have an oven. 

 4.Use Opaque Glass Jars 

Keeping dry fruits in a cool and dry place is not enough. Dry fruits stay fresh for a longer period if stored in glass jars as compared to plastic ones. Opaque glass jars help retain their flavour by maintaining the temperature levels inside.  


Follow these tips and increase the shelf life of your dry fruits! 

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