How to Make Your Vacation Videos Look Professional

How to Make Your Vacation Videos Look Professional

The following are some helpful Videography Tips for Beginning Photographers that will help you start making quality videos right away! And when you’re finished, you will be a pro at shooting great videos.

The Zoom Feature

Use your camera’s zoom feature. Zoom in when you need to get closer to an object, and then zoom out when you want to see farther. Make sure to always use the zoom button if you don’t know what you are doing because this is the only way to get the most out of your camera.

Never Underestimate The Shutter Speed

Focus on the subject of your video. If you’re shooting from far away, don’t be tempted to use moving backgrounds. Instead, focus on the object of the shot. If you’re planning on shooting panoramic footage, you will need to be able to focus on multiple objects. Focus first on your subject, then move on.

Lighting is Your Friend

Lighting up the scene. When shooting any sort of video outdoors, make sure you have plenty of light available in order to create the desired effect. Lighting is very important because it makes the action stand out from the background and creates a sense of depth.

Get Creative

Pick colors that go together. Try to pick colors that are complementary to each other and don’t mix them too much. Also, make sure that you don’t overdo them. The effect of too much color can create a sense of disorientation in the viewer.


Use film grain. Film grain adds texture and color to your video and gives the appearance of motion. This effect is more obvious with older movies but is still present in newer films (if it wasn’t already).

Use Editing Tools

Use every editing resource available to you. Adobe Suites has plenty of great programs for whatever project you’re working on. If you can’t afford it, there are also lots of free editing tools available on the internet, like a time-lapse video editing software, or you can even use Instagram to edit your photos before you post them.

Create a Distance

Try to stay at a distance from your subjects as much as possible. You don’t need to get right up on top of your subject, but try to move in a slow enough manner that it makes it seem like you are taking a closer look.

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Set a Mood

Remember the mood of the moment. The mood of your video doesn’t have to match the mood of your shot. If you’re shooting a romantic scene, you don’t have to have lots of fireworks going off to give it that romantic feel.

Tripods a Man’s Best Friend

Try to remember that you don’t have to carry everything you will need with you. A tripod is really only needed when you want to get the best shots. So keep your accessories and your film cartridges at home or in your car.

Make sure you set your tripod up right the first time. There are a lot of different types of tripods available, so make sure you get one that has a steady base and a comfortable stand.


Make sure you keep your memory card handy. It might sound obvious, but you should be taking lots of shots on your memory card!

Remember, these Videography Tips are only basic ideas for getting the most out of your pictures. You can always use your imagination and creativity to make them even better!

The above Videography Tips will help you learn to shoot better videos. Hopefully, they will inspire you to put your camera to good use and begin shooting videos!

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