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Buying a pre-owned car can be a smart and economical decision. They are much cheaper than a brand-new car and the depreciation also happens at a much slower pace. However, buying a used car can be a bit tricky. Unlike a new car, where you are guaranteed to get the car in the best possible condition, the same cannot be said for all used cars. It involves looking for damages, engine condition, proper paperwork and the most important of them all ‘Rust’. It is commonly considered a cancer of cars, and it’s important to locate rusts before you seal the deal. Here are the most common places to check for rust when buying a used car.

Doors and fenders are some of common places where you would find rusting on a car.


1. Doors

Car doors are one of the most common places for rust formation, and the most commonly occur because the drain holes in the bottoms of the doors are not cleaned out periodically. Long-term exposure to dirt and wet material, which can easily end up in the door cavities, cause the edges of the doors to rust. However, if the rusting is not extensive, a good detailer can help you find a fix for it.

2. Fenders & Rocker Panels

Given the increasing use of fibre and plastic material in the construction of car fenders, nowadays, rusty fenders or rocker panels are not very common. However, if you are planning to buy one of those older cars with a metal fender and side skit, it’s certainly one of the places you need to look for rust. If the rusting is extensive, it’s best to avoid buying such a car.

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During monsoon, car floor tends to get wet quite easily and if not cleaned properly it could lead to rusting of the floorboard,

3. Floorboard

The car floorboard is yet another important place to check for rust. In India, several of our cities face flooding during the monsoons, and the car floor tends to get wet quite easily. Most car owners do not clean them properly which leads to rusting in over a period of time. Most car floorboards are covered with mats, so remove them and check underneath, if you find a car with rusting on the floor, it’s best to avoid it.

4. Engine Bay

The engine bay is also one of the common places where you can see rust formation. Now, cast iron is quite commonly used as a structural material and mounting points inside the engine bay and given the extreme conditions inside the engine bay rusting is quite common. Engine parts do get a layer of surface rust, but that’s becoming less common as plastic replaces steel under the hood. So, a little surface rust is not really a deal-breaker if the mounts and bolts are in good condition.

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Engine parts will typically get a layer of surface rust, so do pop the hood and check. 

5. Suspension

Given their placement, most car owners don’t really ensure periodic cleaning and maintenance of the suspension unit, which means rusting is inevitable. They are expensive to replace, and a rusty suspension can lead to long-term problems like bad ride quality and even damage. So, it’s best to avoid buying such cars.

6. Exhausts

Most exhaust pipes are made of steel, and they can easily get rusted, while stainless steel is less susceptible to rust, Aluminium exhausts typically don’t corrode easily. The place where you need to look for rust is where the tubing bends and joints that are welded. An exhaust with a little bit of rust formation should not be a deal-breaker as they won’t really affect performance, but if needed you can get them replaced.

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