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How To Eliminate 13 Equine Parasites: A Guide To Identify, Remove, and Control Parasites

Price: ₹ 449.00

If you are like us, you don’t want your horse filled and covered with deadly parasites. And you don’t want the economic losses that occur when parasites damage your horse’s internal organs, leaving you with medical bills or the very expensive cost of surgery in a veterinary hospital.

But all of that is about to change!

One of our amazing staff writers has written a clear, concise, and comfortable ebook just for you. It will help you identify and eliminate 13 equine parasites that are preying on your horse or near your horse. You will know the signs and symptoms of a parasite infection. The ebook will help you reduce your financial losses related to parasite infections … It will help you keep your horse safe and healthy – and much more.

Here is a message we received from one eBook reader: "We ordered your excellent ebook when our mare was stomping the ground, biting metal, and depressed. Our horse’s behavior was affecting our kids who were very sad. Once we read your ebook, we had a better understanding of how to help our horse. This became a family project, and we discussed each part of our plans with our kids. We were ready to act before parasites destroyed our mare’s health completely. The results have been great. Our mare is parasite free. Our kids are happy. And my husband is happy that our vet bill is much lower. Thank you for your ebook!

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