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Cooking bhindi isn’t as easy as it seems. It has to be made in a certain way in order to bring out the taste and texture of the vegetable. But even before you set a vessel of bhindi to cook, it’s important to choose the right kind of bhindi. That’s how you will get the desired result. But choosing and buying the perfect bhindi from the market can be quite a task. That’s why we are taking the help of chef Kunal Kapur to understand how to buy the right kind of bhindi. Here are a few tips and tricks that he shared on Instagram:

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  1. Choose a green bhindi that doesn’t have any black spots on it.
  2. If you are planning to use all the bhindi for one specific dish, choose vegetables that are of the same size.
  3. Don’t go for either small or large bhindi. Choose medium-size bhindi as they are suitable for most dishes. Even if you want to stuff the bhindi with spices, medium sizes are good for it.
  4. Avoid buying soggy bhindi as these are old ones.
  5. Keep bhindi away from water and don’t buy bhindi that has been kept in water.
  6. Before using bhindi for any dish, wash it, wipe it and dry it out.

Here’s the video of chef Kunal Kapur explaining it to us:

Chef Kunal Kapur often shares pro tips regarding cooking. Apart from that, he shares several experimental recipes too. Take a look at this Achari Paratha recipe. This blend of spicy and tangy flavours will send you drooling. For this recipe, you’ll need some basic ingredients like wheat flour, achar, oil, ghee, salt and water. Add the achar to the paratha dough. Fry the paratha in ghee and serve it hot. Here’s the recipe video by chef Kunal Kapur. 

Kunal Kapur’s cooking tips and recipes are a great help for every person who loves cooking.

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