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Gurgaon gives at least one Covid vaccine dose to over 70% residents, aims to hit 100% in 2 months

With more than 70 per cent of Gurgaon’s population having received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine, officials in the Gurgaon Health Department said they are hopeful that if the vaccines are available, the remaining population will be vaccinated within the next two months.

According to data with the health department, a total of 12,70,194 people in Gurgaon have been administered at least one dose of the vaccine so far. In a district with a ‘potential population’ of 17,40,740, this means 72.9 per cent of the people have been vaccinated already.

“If we get enough vaccines in the future, we can vaccinate the remaining people within two months as well. At present, we are vaccinating around 14 to 16,000 people on average per day. In June, our average has been around 15,000, and we are hoping that in the coming days, if we keep getting vaccines, we can increase this to 20,000 or more,” said Dr Virender Yadav, Civil Surgeon of Gurgaon.

On Thursday, a total of 18,286 people were vaccinated in Gurgaon, of whom 14,714 were administered the first dose and 3,572 received their second dose.

Officials from the health department said that since vaccination began in January this year, “almost 20,000 vaccine camps” have been set up in Gurgaon. The district, officials said, led the way in organising camps in “societies and condominiums”, as well as “workplaces and industries”, and has also been “the most successful in India” in organising drive-throughs. Over the last one month, camps have also been set up specifically for different segments of society, including people from the transgender community as well as disabled people.

On Monday, a Mega Vaccination Drive was conducted in the district, which saw more than 1.04 lakh people being vaccinated in a single day. A total of 207 vaccination sites were set up in the district — 190 sites of the government, including five drive-throughs, and 19 private hospitals. At the government campsites alone, data from the health department revealed tat 87,555 people were vaccinated, including 3,020 who were vaccinated at the five drive-through vaccination sites.

Dr Yadav, speaking to The Indian Express, gave the credit for the success of the vaccination campaign in Gurgaon to the “planning of the health department and administration and the motivation of people”.

“Our planning and motivation of people is responsible for the numbers that we are doing. The team is very motivated. We don’t take holidays or leave unless there is some other program of the state. So vaccination has been a continuous process. We start early, by 9 am. If there is a special drive, then we start at 8 am itself,” said Dr Yadav.

“The biggest reason for our success, though, is the fact that we ensure that the data entry of every person is done. We maintain records properly and update our data regularly. We have focused a lot on vaccination campaigns in rural areas as well. Our urban-rural ratio in terms of vaccination now is 60-40,” he said.

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