GREEN OIL On Tour Cycle Chain Lube, 30 ml, Pocket Sized, Wet & Dry, Biodegradable, Natural, Eco Friendly, Skin Safe, Free of PTFE PFOA Palm Oil Petroleum, Recycled Refill Bottle, Made in UK – 1 Pack Motorbike Accessories

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Price: $9.99 - $8.99
(as of May 22,2022 13:59:28 UTC – Details)



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If you care about your bike and the planet you ride on, you're in the right place.
WET OR DRY PERFORMANCE: Green Oil lube’s plant extract formula does not freeze and stays effective even at temperatures as low as -11 degrees Celsius. This makes it a great choice for bike riding in wet or snowy trails, mountain biking, or on rainy day city commuter rides. Green Oil’s wet lube has a lot more applications than just bike chains. They can be used on bike locks, brake levers, cables, snowboard bindings, and other lube applications.
ANTI RUST PROTECTION: Green Oil chain lube is an award-winning bio-lube formula that is designed to reduce friction and protect your bike chains and snowboard bindings for a long time. Green Oil lubricant protects your bike chains against rusting in wet conditions. The formula is less sticky and does not attract a lot of grime and dirt for added corrosion resistance.
DURABLE, SMOOTH & EFFICIENT RIDES: Green Oil lube reduces friction and thereby minimizes chain wear. Avid bikers will love the smoother and faster gear changes as well as fewer chain replacements. Green Oil On Tour lube delights bikers with improved efficiency, especially in wet conditions. Wet lube’s special plant-based ingredient, N-Toc helps with durability, making it effective for up to 125 miles between applications.
EASY APPLICATION: Extremely compact, leak-proof, refill bottle is easy to carry and use as needed. Make sure the chain is dust-free and dry. Start applying and keep cranking the chain using the pedal for on length application. Apply to the rollers, the cylinders of the chain. Spin the crank a few times. Wipe off excess lube from the outside of the chain to prevent messy transfers to clothes. During snowy rides, a full coating is recommended to fight the effect of road salt for rust prevention.
NATURAL & ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: Wet lube is made in Britain with plant-based ingredients instead of palm oil and petrochemicals. The lube comes packaged in 100% recycled plastic bottles, where each bottle could be a totally different color. Green Oil is a great eco-friendly bike lube, free of petrochemicals that can harm the environment and aquatic life. The formula is also free of harmful propellants used by comparable lubes in aerosol cans. The skin-safe lube gives bikers extra peace of mind.

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