GEMINI AI: Can Be as Powerful as ChatGPT

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GEMINI AI: Can Be as Powerful as ChatGPT

GEMINI AI: Can Be as Powerful as ChatGPT

GEMINI AI Can Be as Powerful as ChatGPT: During the Google I/O conference, Google announced GEMINI AI. During the event, Google stated that Gemini has been created to excel in multi-model, tool, and API integration, enabling exceptional proficiency in innovation and shaping the future.

Detailed Explanation

Google is developing a new AI system called GEMINI AI, which is expected to outperform OpenAI’s ChatGPT. At least that’s what Demis Hassabis, Google’s CEO of DeepMind, believes about their upcoming GEMINI AI. Hassabis states that Google’s new AI system is revolutionary and currently in the development phase, which could take several months to complete. He also mentions that the development cost of GEMINI AI is estimated to be in the millions. In other words, Google is investing a significant amount of resources into their AI system, aiming to surpass ChatGPT by any means necessary.

What is Gemini AI?

It’s not just about the money that is compelling Google to believe that Gemini AI will surpass ChatGPT, but it’s about the core of all AI systems. Essentially, this system is a next-generation AI architecture that will eventually replace PaLM 2. PaLM 2 is currently Google’s underlying AI model for all AI services, including Workspace apps, Duo AI, and Bird Chatbot. Google is making Gemini AI more powerful than ChatGPT-4. OpenAI’s GPT-4 model is already a large-scale language model capable of generating text and images. Google’s investment reflects its confidence that Gemini AI can outperform GPT-4, one of the main factors behind its innovation capabilities.

Will Gemini AI enable future innovations?

Google announced Gemini during the Google I/O conference, stating that it is primarily built to enable innovation through advanced multi-model, tool, and API integration. According to Google, Gemini AI will come in various forms and capacities, making it flexible and adaptable based on requirements.

Problem-solving and Planning Skills

Hassabis states that Google’s engineers are currently utilizing the technology of AlphaGo. Now, what is AlphaGo? AlphaGo is an AI that was so powerful that it could defeat the champion of the board game Go. Google is using the same technology that powered AlphaGo to empower Gemini AI. This means that Gemini AI will be adept at problem-solving and planning.

On that note, the process of reinforcement learning was used to strengthen AlphaGo. This process forces the software to repeatedly attempt a task until it finds a solution. It can make changes in its performance and behavior based on feedback. Hassabis suggests that at a high level, you can expect Gemini to exhibit power similar to an AlphaGo-type system, coupled with the language capabilities of large-scale models.

Google is planning to outperform

ChatGPT and not replicate something that already exists, according to the company. Therefore, the main concern of Gemini AI’s offering is not to match the performance of GPT-4. Instead, it is being improved to be even better.

Google will avoid repeating the mistake made in haste with the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Due to the rush, Google overlooked the fact that its AI model was not ready.

Ultimately, due to a factual error made by ChatGPT in the initial demo, a company incurred a loss of $100 billion in market value. Now, the company aims to prevent such a mistake from happening again. Google has learned its lesson from this incident, which is why the company is not rushing with the entry of Gemini AI.

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