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Fauci warns: Beware of small people that ask you to pull their finger

Dr Anthony Fauci was back with another press conference today to issue a warning about the “many, many youngsters running around asking innocent strangers to pull their finger.”

“A well meaning citizen will often comply, not realizing what he or she is in for.” Fauci explained.

“The result is always the same” the doctor continued, “the undersized person will emit a good-sized batch of foul-smelling, sometimes noxious gas from their rear ends. That is something you can bank on, they’ll always let it rip. What varies is the degree of foulness. In a worst case scenario the fumes can knock you off your feet and you could be seriously hurt.”

Fauci did say there are plenty of cases involving well-meaning people using the ploy in good fun and no one is hurt, but the problem for most people is discerning the good guys from those evil doers with the killer fumes.

When asked about this Fauci tersely replied “Like I said earlier beware of the stranger If you know the person, well that”s another story. I got my wife to pull my finger this morning and let me tell you what, I made a stink in our kitchen that caused a real commotion! But she was able to walk away and I had a bit of a laugh – a small bit.”

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