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Automobile technology has come a long way since the first car was launched in the 19th century. Along came its various technological wings or the frontiers with unrelenting work on design, efficiency, economy, and safety.

It is a new era in which the automobile evolution has come into. Smart devices are driving our day to day lives. Speech recognition technology has come to become an everyday car-riding experience. It is an issue that made the industry welcome in-car speech recognition in such a big way. There was a need, and the very need drove the research and innovation rather than just producing and marketing another product to capture the attention of the buyers. There are tech-hungry buyers of today who are not vulnerable to getting drawn to anything that becomes a market buzzword. They have become quite selective and aware of what they need.

Past, present, and the future of in-car speech recognition

One might wonder why there is a need for in-car speech recognition technology. To answer that one can recognize the fact that there is a drive that works for acknowledging the reality there is a strong need for driving people safe and feeding the device-dependent attributes of humans. There are a plethora of objects inside the car like the maps by Google or texting gadgets which time and again force people to take their eyes off the road. It is distractive and needs immediate intervention with bringing about something that lets you concentrate on the road and yet lets you get all the inputs you require to make your drive easy and pleasurable. There are laws to regulate our unsafe driving behaviours while driving, like speaking over the phone while at the steering wheels or using emails.


The objective of an in-car speech recognition system

The system aims at removing the distractions such as looking down constantly at your cell phone while you are at the wheels. A display at the front will make it easy for you to drive and get a glimpse of something important on a gadget. Thus, you keep your mind on the road for the sake of safety. Use of spoken instruction is heading in the right direction.

Categorization of voice-controlled system

There are three categories basic, intermediate, and advanced.

Basic: The basic level of voice activation works around media and entertainment built in your car. You can use your voice to switch stations of the radio, control volume, change tracks, etc.

Intermediate: It allows you to use the phone to make and receive calls, work on the GPS, and even adjust the air-conditioning system inside the cabin.


Advanced: This system includes internet connection, web browsing through spoken words, and so on. The future will unfold itself to give a further boost to technology when there will be many autonomous cars on the roads of the world. You may ask for directions, find a seat in a restaurant, and even find a suitable parking space while you are fully focused on the road. You are not taking your eyes off the road. You can call up the notes application and dictate your ideas and thoughts. You may call for weather updates voiced out without your having to look in the direction of the prompting screen. One may request one’s favourite number over a voice message and get to listen to one’s favourite music or podcast.

In-car speech recognition has come about because it gives you directions, the facility to send emails, make calls, and play your favourite music.


You simply press the voice button that is fixed on your steering wheel and you can navigate between controls mentioned in the playlist. You can navigate to the nearest supermarket or the gas station. You can even send text messages to an important person who you think must be waiting for your message. If you glimpse the text message on the infotainment screen, one press of the switch will let the system read out the message for you.

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