Devarakonda Fort Telangana Tourism Lesser-Known Spots You Must Visit In 2024

Devarakonda Fort Telangana Tourism Lesser-Known Spots You Must Visit In 2024

Devarakonda Fort Telangana Tourism Lesser-Known Spots You Must Visit In 2024

Devarakonda Fort Telangana Tourism: Devarakonda is conveniently located at a distance of about 117 kilometers from Hyderabad, accessible via Nagarjuna Sagar Road.

To reach the fort, travellers are advised to take a short detour from Kondalpahar, the journey by road taking about 3 hours. Alternatively, Deverakonda can be reached in about an hour from Nalgonda city, making it an accessible destination for history buffs and nature lovers.

Devarakonda Fort, located within the landscape of the state, stands as a testament to the architectural splendor. Located in the quaint village of Devarakonda, within Nalgonda, tourists visiting this remarkable fort are transported to a bygone era filled with historical charm.

Every corner of the fort tells stories of bravery, resilience, and victory of its previous rulers. Surrounded by a majestic landscape of seven hills, grand boulders, and lush green foliage, the fort offers a breathtaking view.

History About Devarakonda Fort

Devarakonda Fort Telangana Tourism

The 13th-century Devarakonda Fort was built during the reign of Padma Nayaka under the Velama kings. The fortress remained under the control of the ruling family from 1287 AD to 1482 AD and now stands in majestic ruins atop a hill. Despite its dilapidated state, the remains of its former architectural grandeur still enchant visitors and offer a glimpse of its glorious past.

Located in the town of Devarakonda within the Nalgonda region of Telangana, this fort situated amidst seven majestic hills holds significant archaeological importance. For historical exploration buffs, a pilgrimage to Deverakonda Fort is unmissable. Stepping into its sacred grounds feels like an immersive journey through time, where stories of valour, struggle, and triumph echo from every corner.

Within the fort complex are the revered Ram and Shiva temples built by Mada Naidu, which fill the site with a sacred aura amidst its untouched grandeur. Additionally, a serene pond and temples further enrich the ambiance of the fort.

Surrounded by seven majestic hills, an early morning visit to the fort promises an unforgettable experience. Recognizing its importance, the Government of Telangana has resolved to renovate this historic building.

Devarakonda is located about a 3-hour drive from Hyderabad, inspiring travelers to embark on a journey through time and heritage.

Devarakonda Fort Information

Devarakonda Fort Telangana Tourism

Type of Destination: Fort, Monument Cost: Free Languages Spoken: Telugu Opening Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 Hours Altitude of Devarakonda Fort: 362 meters.

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