Chef Makes Sea Turtle From Chocolate; Internet Wonders How Is He Going To Eat

Chef Makes Sea Turtle From Chocolate; Internet Wonders How Is He Going To Eat

Renowned pastry chef Amaury Guichon, who has regularly amazed his social media followers with his stunning creations made up of chocolate, is back with a new sculpture – a sea turtle that doesn’t remotely look like it is made up of chocolate. On his Instagram account, the Geneva-born chef, who has a massive 3.4 million followers, shared a video of how he carved out the design and made the Chocolate Sea Turtle “with full of love!” The video has received more than 539,000 likes and a number of comments appreciating his skills and passion for making things with just chocolate and also wondering what he would do now with those incredible chocolate sculptures.

“Just out of curiosity, how do u eat that? Or do you even eat it in the first place?” asked one of his followers. “Imagine it melts like in the movie chocolate factory where the castle of chocolate melted,” said the other.

A third user requested, “Please don’t eat him, it’s too beautiful to be eaten.”

When I think this guy is done, he takes it an extra 10 levels further,” another comment read.

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Chef Guichon started his culinary training at an early age. At the age of 14, chef Guichon moved to France where he trained for two years. Then he moved to Switzerland to pursue training in pastry. Since then chef Guichon has been to Paris, Cannes, Las Vegas and other places around the world to work and hone his culinary skills, according to Pastry And Bakery Masterclasses.

In 2017, however, Chef Guichon decided to branch out and start on his own; he has been travelling the world teaching his Masterclasses at the finest culinary academies since then. He regularly shares videos of his exploits with chocolate, sometimes making a five-foot-tall telescope and other times making dumbbells.

The popular chef dedicated the special dumbbells to actor and former WWE star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on his 49th birthday.

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