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For someone who has been cooking for a while, I am pretty familiar with how to use ingredients, how much masala needs to be added, and basically can follow a recipe without having to measure things. But that wasn’t always the case. Cooking requires a lot of practice and patience. One needs to know what their dish needs and how they can improve on it. However, one might make faults, and the recipe might not be how they want. And one of the biggest problems new cooks generally encounter is the burning of food. Sometimes, we switch the gas on high and forget about it. Then we don’t know how to salvage the food and throw it away. But not anymore! If the same has happened to you, here are some tips to help you save your burnt food.

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Here Are 5 Tips To Save Burnt Food:

1. Save the rice

Rice is one of the most common things to get burnt. First, scoop out the unburnt rice and add some milk and bread to it. Then cook it on a low flame. Before serving, take out the bread and enjoy.

2. Make the gravy better again

Let me guess, your gravy wasn’t coming to a boil, and you turned the flame to high, however, it ends up burning. You can’t completely undo the burnt taste, but quickly turn off the gas first to save the rest of the gravy. Then, pour out the sauce from above. You can add potato to your gravy or some butter to remove the burnt taste. These ingredients usually absorb the burnt taste.


3. Charred cake

We all have seen the charred and crisp cake at least once while baking it. To retain the shape of the cake and remove that burnt part, simply scratch out the parts you don’t require. You can even use a grater for the same!

4. Burnt Meat

Burning of meat generally happens when we keep the meat on an extremely hot pan, and it gets crusty from the outside. But from the inside, it stays uncooked. So, when this happens, cut out that brown part, add some butter to the pan and cook on medium to low flame again.


5. Caramelise the onions

Cooking with onions can be tricky. Sometimes it cooks very fast, and sometimes it takes time. However, while cooking, if your onion gets burnt, turn off the heat, remove the onions and add some oil to the pan. Let it heat a little bit, and throw back the onions again. Now, wait a while and let them caramelise. Caramelised onions add depth and sweetness to your dishes.

So, the next time you overcook your dish, keep these things in mind and master the art of cooking!

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