Bhoramdeo Temple Chhattisgarh History – Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh

Bhoramdeo Temple Chhattisgarh History – Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh

Bhoramdeo Temple Chhattisgarh History – Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh

Bhoramdeo Temple Chhattisgarh History – Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh: Situated 18 km away from Kawardha town in the Kabirdham district of Chhattisgarh, the Bhoramdeo temple is a cluster of four temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Among them, the earliest temple was constructed with bricks, while the main temple was built with stone.

The temple’s unique architectural style, featuring erotic sculptures, is reminiscent of the Khajuraho temple and the Konarak Sun Temple of Odisha. Due to this characteristic, the Bhoramdeo complex is also recognized as the “Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh.”

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History Of Bhoramdeo Temple Chhattisgarh

Bhoramdeo temple, situated amidst the mountain ranges, was constructed during the 7th to 11th century AD by King Ramchandra of the Nag Dynasty. The temple is carved on rocky stones in the Nagar style, and the Shiva Linga inside is beautifully crafted, making it a must-see attraction for visitors.

The temple derives its name from Lord Shiva, who was worshiped by the native Gond tribals of the region and was called Bhoramdeo. The Gonds considered the deity to be their protector and provider and hence named the temple after him.

Design and Architecture Of Bhoramdeo Temple

Bhoramdeo Temple Chhattisgarh History - Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh

The Bhoramdeo temple complex houses a sculpted idol of Nandi, the mount of Lord Shiva, and welcomes devotees with a colorful arch. Its history dates back to 1100 AD, making it older than the Khajuraho Group of temples. The exterior walls are adorned with an abundance of carved images, and the first level of the temple is a large platform that stands 5 ft tall. The platform’s exterior features many carved images of Hindu deities.

The temple’s architecture follows the traditional Hindu temple composition, with a square mandapa or hall, a passage leading to the sanctum, and a main enclosure where the presiding deity, Lord Shiva in the form of a Shiva Linga, is enshrined. All three enclosures are connected by passageways. The temple faces the eastern direction and features an entrance and two more doors that open towards the south and north, respectively. The three doors have open “half shelters,” adding to the temple’s architectural beauty.

The entrance to the sanctum of the Bhoramdeo temple features finely sculpted images of Lord Vishnu’s ten incarnations in addition to those of Lord Shiva and Ganesha. The sanctum’s towering roof is crowned with a circular Kalasha and surrounded by many small towers. The front entrance door boasts sculpted images of river goddesses Ganga and Yamuna on the doorpost, while 1-2 ft tall images of mythological figures adorn the entrance doors. On the southern side of the tower, there is a well-crafted image of the six-armed Lord Ganesha.

Inside the sanctum sanctorum, visitors can find a stone slab with an image of Lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi mounted on Garuda, a gana adorning the top pillars, and a serpent with a raised hood next to the Shiva Linga. There is also another image of Lord Ganesha in the temple. The wealth of beautifully crafted images and sculptures on display is a testament to the temple’s artistic and architectural prowess.

How To Reach

Bhoramdeo Temple is well-connected to major cities in Chhattisgarh via road, making travel by bus or private vehicle convenient. Kawardha, located 18 km away, is the closest town and serves as a hub for public transport to the temple. Regular bus services are available from Raipur (116 km), Rajnandgaon (133 km), and Jabalpur (220 km) to Kawardha.

For those traveling by train, the nearest railway stations are Damoh (43 km) and Raipur. The closest airports are Bilaspur Airport (113 km) and Raipur Airport.

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