Best Places to Visit in India in July & August 2023

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Best Places to Visit in India in July & August 2023

Best Places to Visit in India in July & August 2023

Best Places to Visit in India in July & August 2023: During In July, most parts of India experience the refreshing embrace of monsoon showers. While some regions grapple with issues like congestion, traffic, floods, and puddles—especially in densely urbanized areas—other places enveloped in nature’s charm flourish under the nourishing rains, presenting a picturesque spectacle. It’s the perfect time to travel and explore mountains, tropical islands, and beaches, harmonizing with the essence of nature!

India boasts a wondrous diversity in its geographical landscapes, offering endless opportunities for wanderers seeking new adventures. Whether you’re drawn to serene mountain retreats, tropical havens, or sandy shores, July beckons you to embark on a journey and immerse yourself in the beauty of this monsoon season.

Here are the 5 Best Places to Visit in India in July & August 2023


Best Places to Visit in India in July & August 2023

Darjeeling, a picturesque hill station nestled in North Bengal, welcomes visitors with postcard-worthy landscapes. Its valleys adorned with houses featuring colored rooftops, floating clouds, and lush greenery create a captivating scene. Notably, Darjeeling is renowned for its UNESCO world heritage site – the whistling toy trains that add to the hill station’s colonial charm. July, with its clear days, offers a breathtaking view of the mighty Himalayas, particularly the awe-inspiring Kanchenjunga peak.

Amidst the colonial architecture of churches and bungalows, Darjeeling also boasts a unique Buddhist influence, evident in its serene monasteries. For unforgettable sunrise and sunset views amid the mountains, Tiger Hill stands as an unrivaled spot.

Planning your trip to Darjeeling has never been easier! Click here to connect with our Darjeeling travel guide, where you can gain expert guidance for a remarkable experience.

Ideal for: Explorers seeking an unconventional experience in a touristy hill station.

Things to do in Darjeeling: Immerse yourself in spirituality by visiting Zang Dhok Palri Phodang in Kalimpong; find tranquility at the unique Peace Pagoda, and don’t miss the delightful ride on Darjeeling’s famous toy train.

Getting there: The nearest airport to Darjeeling is Bagdogra, located about 100km from the city center.

Tip: Be prepared for quite a bit of walking, as some tourist spots may not be accessible by vehicles. Ensure you have adequate footwear for a comfortable trip.


Best Places to Visit in India in July & August 2023

Nestled across five enchanting hills, Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh is a haven for summer vacations and one of India’s finest destinations to explore in July. With its mild rainfall, this hill station offers the perfect respite from the summer heat. Dalhousie is renowned for its thrilling adventure sports and showcases stunning views of the Himalayas amidst its lush green coniferous vegetation. The town’s charm is amplified by its Colonial-era buildings, houses, and churches, creating a tranquil ambiance with delightful strolling trails and captivating street scenes.

Ideal for: Families seeking a serene and charming getaway to escape the summer heat.

Things to do in Dalhousie: Delight in the boundless meadows of India’s mini Switzerland, Khajjar; seek blessings at the renowned Laxmi Narayan Temple, and put your bargaining skills to the test at the Tibetan Market in Dalhousie.

Getting there: The nearest airport to Dalhousie is Pathankot, located at a distance of 75km.

Tip: Being a typical mountain town, Dalhousie tends to close early. Ensure you purchase all your essentials by evening to make the most of your stay.


Best Places to Visit in India in July & August 2023

Nestled on the southernmost edge of Karnataka, Coorg is a mesmerizing landscape adorned with acres of tea plantations on lush hill slopes, graced by splendid waterfalls, and surrounded by the remnants of an ancient fort. The region is blessed with diverse wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, making it an ideal monsoon getaway, when nature’s vibrant colors come to life. Home to the intriguing ‘Kodava tribes,’ Coorg’s allure extends to its aesthetic coffee and spice plantations, making it a cherished destination for nature enthusiasts.

Ideal for: Couples and families seeking quality time in a serene environment immersed in nature’s embrace.

Things to do in Coorg: Experience the magnificence of gigantic elephants at Dubare Elephant Camp; indulge in bird watching at the picturesque Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary; take a fascinating coffee plantation tour, and create cherished memories with your loved ones by Abbey Falls. For more delightful experiences in Coorg, click here to gain expert guidance from our Coorg travel guide.

Getting there: The nearest airport to Coorg is Mangalore Airport, located at a distance of 145km.

Tip: When traveling during the night, avoid remote areas, as the roads may be narrow and appear similar, increasing the chances of getting lost.


Best Places to Visit in India in July & August 2023

Nestled in the scenic state of Sikkim, Pelling is a lesser-known hill station that offers a breathtaking view of the majestic Kanchenjunga peak in the Himalayas. A haven for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts, Pelling’s beauty unveils during the summer season when the snow melts, revealing alpine forests with rare wildlife and cascading waterfalls amidst hilly terrains refreshed by occasional rain.

Embracing a rich Buddhist culture, Pelling is adorned with several monasteries, which stand as dominant landmarks in the hill station. Conveniently connected by roads to Gangtok, the town boasts mesmerizing lakes and the intriguing ruins of the former kingdom of Sikkim.

Ideal for: Travelers seeking to discover untouched and pristine wilderness in a serene environment.

Things to do in Pelling: Pay a visit to the significant Buddhist shrine at Pemayangtse Monastery; savor a bowl of steaming hot noodles by Kanchenjunga Falls and explore the captivating ruins of Rabdentse.

Getting there: The nearest airport to Pelling is Bagdogra, Siliguri, located at a distance of 145km.

Tip: Always keep a basic first aid kit handy when venturing into the hills. 


As seasoned travellers know, the best time to visit Goa is during the monsoons, when the stunning beaches are blissfully crowd-free. Summer is also a favored season for exploring the numerous wildlife sanctuaries in Goa, with refreshing rain splashing vibrant colors on lush greens and accentuating the diverse flora. The Amboli Ghats offer some of the most picturesque trekking trails, perfect for nature enthusiasts.

Goa’s allure doesn’t stop there! Don’t miss the enchanting Dudhasagar Falls, embark on a delightful cruise along the Mandovi River, explore the spice plantations, and experience the unforgettable Konkan Railways journey. These fascinating activities are a must for any traveler visiting Goa!

Ideal for: Goa is the perfect destination for travelers seeking an unforgettable vacation with their squad.

Things to do in Goa: Dive into thrilling water sports at Goa’s pristine beaches, try your luck at one of Goa’s renowned casinos, and immerse yourself in the infectious nightlife. 

Getting there: Goa has its own airport, the Dabolim Airport, which is well connected to other parts of the country.

Tip: Beware of scammers in Goa who may attempt to take advantage of tourists. Stay informed and read up on local information before heading out anywhere, and confidently dismiss anyone who approaches you with a simple “no.”

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