Best Phone Under 15000 In 2024 Which Does Not Hang

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Best Phone Under 15000 In 2024 Which Does Not Hang

Best Phone Under 15000 In 2024 Which Does Not Hang

Best Phone Under 15,000 In 2024: I just want to tell you that there canʼt be one phone that suits all, Let’s get started. First of all, phones in this segment come with a lot of bloatware, and ads, and getting a phone with clean software experience is very tough but it’s not impossible!

Clean Software Experience

Out of all the phones, the Moto G64 offers the cleanest software experience as it does not come with any ads or a glance lock screen. Plus it bundles the least number of bloatware apps while Samsung and Realme get a ton of pre-installed apps. However, it offers only 1 year of software updates and 3 years of security patches, which is something you should know. And for the rest of the phone, let me tell you the good things first.

The Moto G64 starts at 14,000 for the base variant which offers 8GB of RAM and 128GB storage. Plus, there is a massive 6000 mAh battery with a 33W charger in the box and the camera performance is also quite good, especially with the main camera that comes with OIS. Now coming to what is bad, well the Dimensity 1725 chipset is not the most powerful and tends to overheat while heavy gaming but it can handle Candy Crush. Apart from that, the display is LCD, and it is not the brightest compared to other phones on the list.

But you do get all the 5G bands, dual hybrid sim slot, a headphone jack, and stereo speakers. This phone is ideal if a clean software experience matters to you the most. If you need a phone for your parents, you can most certainly consider it because this can perform day-to-day tasks without any issues.

But if you want a phone with the best software support and you have an inclination towards Samsung, you can also consider the F15 or the M34 but do note that the teardrop notch looks outdated, and neither of them doesnʼt comes with a charger in the box and they’re filled with ads and bloatware. If I talk about performance, the two phones are very close. The Vivo T3x and the Realme P1. Both phones perform really well in the benchmarks be it Geekbench, Antutu, or 3DMark.

Even in CPU throttling, they are quite similar although Vivo has a slight edge here. When it comes to gaming, Realme takes the lead with 60 fps support in BGMI and 120 fps with low graphics in COD mobile. Lastly, in Genshin, both the phones can hit 60 FPS in low graphics. I also noticed that even after long gaming sessions, both phones didnʼt get too hot, which is quite good.

Gaming and Performance

If I talk about performance both the phones are quite similar. But iʼll pick the Realme P1 because it’s an overall better phone. I say this because Realme P1 comes with a beautiful 120Hz AMOLED panel with an in-display fingerprint scanner, which no other phone offers in this segment.

The battery size is 5000 mAh but it supports 45W fast charging and comes with a charger in the box, which is nice. And lastly, you get the basics right such as the headphone jack, stereo speakers, IP54 rating, and dual hybrid sim slot. If I talk about what is bad, first of all, it is the cameras.

There is no OIS in the main camera and you do not even get the ultrawide camera. Secondly, there are no app opening or closing animations so the UI doesnʼt feel smooth enough, and lastly, the software experience is filled with ads and bloatware. But if performance is what matters to you the most, Realme P1 is the one to get.

Best Camera Phone Under 15,000

Now the best camera phone might surprise you because I’m sure you wouldn’t have seen it coming. It is the Moto G64. Yes, I am not even kidding. See, it was a close call between G64 and M34. In outdoor shots, Moto captures better details, keeps a natural tone, and handles HDR pretty well. In ultrawide shots too, Moto captures more details with a natural tone while Samsung saturates a bit too much.

Motoʼs ultrawide camera also comes with autofocus, so you can take some macro shots from it which is quite comparable to Samsung’s macro shots. At night time, it is not the question of which phone takes the best photos, it is about which phone struggles the least, and here Moto takes the lead.

In Selfies though, Samsung captures more details compared to Motoand the skin colors are also on point. In terms of videos, Samsung captures better videos with very good stabilization but Moto has some focus-hunting issues. Samsung also allows lens switching while Moto does not. By the way, if you thinking why we havenʼt mentioned the Poco X6 Neo, well, in camera comparison, it doesnʼt beat either Moto or Samsung.

As for the rest of the phone, it does come with an AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 5but other than that it doesnʼt really stand out, especially after the recent launches.

Best Overall Smartphone Under 15,000

Now it’s time for the best overall smartphone under 15,000 Rupees, it’s quite simple actually, See, If you guys want the best software experience and very good cameras but can compromise on performance, you can go with the Moto G64.

However, if you guys want the absolute best performance, and a very good display but can live with Realme UI and decentish cameras, then you can go with the Realme P1. So that was it guys. If you guys have questions, we have the answers. See you in the comments.

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Best Phone Under 15,000 In 2024 Which Does Not Hang

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