AutemocareTM, Anti Puncture Gel and Tyre Coolant for Tubeless CAR, Scooter & Bikes, 1 Small Pack Extra with 1 Liter (Pack of 2) Motorbike Accessories

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Price: ₹2,497.00 - ₹1,399.00
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Anti Puncture gel and Tyre coolant is a Unique Gel based formula to FIX punctures instantly caused by nails, thorns on the go. It also contains coolant which reduce the rate of heat produced in tyre while driving, hence increase tyre life by ~20%. Due to its Anti Rust nature it works effectively even in RUSTY wheels. It is safe to use because of 0% share of harmful chemicals.
Cover upto 3mm hole cause by nails and thorns in Tyre tread area.
Anti Rust helps to be equally effective in Tubeless Tyres with rusty rims.
Coolant helps to control the impact of heat produced within tyres during driving, hence increase tyre life by ~20%
It is safe to use since it dosent contain any harmful chemicals

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