Attractions at the Island of Unst

Attractions at the Island of Unst

Attractions at the Island of Unst – Scotland

Attractions at the Island of Unst: The island of Unst is not your average seaside resort, which would be crowded with tourists during the summer or spring break. You probably haven’t even heard of this remote island in the United Kingdom. Unst is a part of Shetland, a group of islands situated in the North Sea, between Scotland and Norway. It is the third-largest and most northerly isle in Shetland, thus it is often referred to as ‘the island above all others. The weather at Unst remains cloudy almost all year round; summers are short, calm, and breezy, whereas winters are long, wet, cold, and windy.

A place of Seclusion

The island of Unst stretches over 46 square miles, sustaining a population of under 650. The population has declined over the years as many people left to live in more hustling bustling cities. However, several people who visit the island decide to stay, or cannot resist coming back. The seclusion and tranquility of the region are appealing aspects. The people who inhabit the island have a strong sense of community, which is appealing.  It is the perfect getaway if you seek a break from your rowdy fast-paced routine and are in need of some soul searching

An interesting Historical Background

Unst has a rich historical background associated with the Picts and Vikings, which is why many people visit this island to learn about the culture of their ancestors. If someone in your family tree was found to be a native of Unst, you would probably find information about them at the Unst Heritage Center. It is somewhat like a modern museum, showcasing many historical artifacts and exhibits that depict the local culture, including crafting and fishing. The center can help provide access to copies of census records and family trees of prominent or famous local kinfolk.

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The fishing industry has been valuable to the island’s economy for centuries, and remains a primary source of livelihood among locals; the knitwear and oil industries are also thriving in the area.

Natural Landscapes and Artificial Monuments

The island of Unst offers a variety of breathtaking landscapes, including mighty cliffs, heather-covered hills, boglands, sandy beaches, jagged shores, lush farmlands, and freshwater lochs. The best thing about visiting all these attractions is that you will only be accompanied by a few other people or sometimes none; imagine having such heavenly scenery to yourself (and perhaps your significant other). You may also get to see a few strange monuments, such as a replica Viking boat, and a decorated bus shelter dedicated to a boy in Africa (another intriguing tale you would definitely want to hear about).

A bit of everything

You might be under the impression that a quaint island-like Unst wouldn’t offer any sort of modern entertainment to visitors. On the contrary, the locals regularly arrange annual events where everyone (including tourists) can get together and have a good time. The Unst Fest held every July features music, dance, parades, archaeological digs, and traditional foods.

Another thing to do while visiting the island of Unst is to travel Northside to see the Hermaness National Nature Reserve. This reserve is the breeding ground for Scotland’s most iconic seabirds, including gannets, puffins, great skuas, gulls, and fulmars. It is the ideal spot for a nice picnic and some bird watching. There is a limited selection of rentable housing and hotels, but you can also book a lodge or find a temporary residence through Airbnb.

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