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The right kind of ingredients can make or break a dish, and home chefs will surely testify to this. Be it dals or atta, spices or cooking oil – it is absolutely essential to use good quality ingredients in your cooking. If you are looking to stock up your kitchen with some essentials, there could not be a better time. E-commerce giant Amazon has just kicked off its Prime Day Sale today on 23rd July, and there are a plethora of deals that you need to get your hands on. We have curated a list of the most required cooking essentials on which you can get a discount of up to 54% off. So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

Here Are 7 Best Cooking Oils Up To 54% Off On Amazon Prime Day Sale:

1. Borges Extra Light Olive Oil, 2L

Olive oil is one of the key ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, considered to be one of the healthiest in the world. The Borges extra light olive oil thus makes for the perfect healthy addition to your kitchen. It can substitute any regular cooking oil and even has a high smoke point. While the price of the Borges extra light olive oil was Rs. 2,600, it is now available at just Rs. 984 under the Prime Day sale.

51% off

2. Hathmic Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil, 5L HDPE

If you want to stock up on your oil needs for a longer time, Hathmic’s cold pressed groundnut oil is also available in the five-litre version. With savings of 29% on the original price, this oil has multiple attractive features to offer. It is naturally processed using the traditional wood pressing techniques, offering it a woody aroma and flavour. Further, it has a high boiling point that makes it ideal for frying too.

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25% off

3. Oleev Olive Pomace Oil, 1L Pet Bottle

Enjoy the goodness of all your favourite foods without loading up on calories with the Oleev olive pomace oil. The oil is enriched with vitamins E and K, polyphenols, and healthy fats. Its high smoke point makes it suitable for everyday cooking. Earlier, the Oleev olive pomace oil was priced at Rs. 899 but in the Amazon Prime Day sale, you can get it for just Rs. 425.

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48% off

4. Del Monte Extra Virgin Olive Oil PET, 1L

The purest olive oil with all its health benefits intact, extra virgin olive oil is becoming increasingly popular these days. The Del Monte extra virgin olive oil has a great flavour and earthy aroma. Available at a discount of 53% on Amazon, it also has zero cholesterol and trans fats in it! You can use it for salad dressings, dips, marinades and chutneys in your daily cooking.


63% off

5. Anvesha Wood Pressed Black Mustard Oil, 1L

Mustard oil is a great option for those who like an additional zing in their meals. The Anvesha wood-pressed black mustard oil is made with the finest quality, farm-fresh mustard seeds and retains all its natural nutrition. This cold-pressed oil is naturally gluten-free and also heart-friendly. You can purchase it at just Rs. 422 in the Prime Day deals.

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4% off

6. Vedaka Canola Oil, 5L

Stock up your pantry for a long time with this five-litre canola oil from Vedaka. Canola oil is being increasingly preferred these days thanks to its excellent health properties such as vitamins A and D and essential fatty acids. You can now enjoy savings of Rs. 500 on this wonderful product.

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12% off

7. Disano Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1L

Extracted through a cold-pressing process, Disano extra virgin olive oil is loaded with nutrients and is also heart-friendly. The product is made in Spain and is ideal for marination, garnishing and even some sautéing. Earlier, the price of the one-litre bottle was Rs. 1,595 but it has now dropped down to just Rs. 751!

417prn9T2VL. SL160

46% off

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