Traveling in an AC3 Economy coach became expensive, but blankets and sheets will be given

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Traveling in an AC3 Economy coach became expensive, but blankets and sheets will be given

If you travel by train, then this news is for you. Especially if you have been enjoying traveling in AC 3 economy coach for some time now, then you need to pay attention as the Railways has recently decided to increase the fare of this coach. According to Railways, now the passenger will have to pay the same amount for traveling in this coach as a passenger pays for traveling in AC 3 coach.

One of the benefits that the passenger gets is that in peak time, when tickets are not available on the train, tickets are booked in this coach for people going in urgent. Due to this, they do not have to compromise with their travel. Although the seats of this coach are less wide than the normal AC 3 coaches and the leg space is also less. Also, while the regular coaches have 72 berths, the AC 3 economy coaches have a capacity of 83 berths.

Rent is 8 percent less

Let us inform you that these coaches started in August last year. Earlier its fare was kept lower by 7-8 percent as compared to AC’s three-tier class. Although earlier there was no arrangement of blankets and sheets in this coach, now passengers are being provided with the facility of blankets and sheets.

There will be no booking on the last three seats.

Let us tell you that there will be no passenger booking on the last three seats in AC 3 Economy coach. Actually, passenger booking has been blocked on these berths i.e. 81, 82, and 83. According to the Railways, a linen store will be set up at this place, so that bags of blankets and sheets can be stocked.

When will it start

No clear date has been given for this in the circular of the Ministry of Railways, but it is estimated that it will be implemented from the advance reservation period. You will have to make a reservation in AC 3 coach only. Then even if your ticket is not allotted in AC 3 economy coach.

What is the specialty of the AC 3 economy coach?

  • The seats and berths are very light but sturdily built to reduce the weight of the coach.
  • Each seat is also provided with snack tables, water bottle holders, and mobile charging points with USB ports.
  • Keeping in mind the convenience of the disabled people, large toilets and large gates have been installed in the coaches, so that wheelchairs can be brought inside easily.
  • Individual reading lights and USB charging points have also been provided for each berth.
  • A grand staircase has been made to reach the middle and upper berths. Let us tell you that the headroom of the upper and middle berths has increased.
  • The interiors of the coaches are equipped with luminescent oil markers, integral illuminated berth indicators, and luminescent berth numbers.
  • The coaches are equipped with CCTV cameras and a fire alarm system for the safety of the passengers.

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