Loom Solar – 1kW Shark Solar Panel Installation

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Loom Solar – 1kW Shark Solar Panel Installation

Loom Solar – 1kW Shark Solar Panel Installation:

Faridabad, Haryana: Faridabad is the second top city in the state of Haryana and is well connected to Delhi NCR and Gurugram city. It is a major industrial center of Haryana and many old manufacturing plants of solar panels, trackers, switches, footwear, and tires are located in this city. According to Wikipedia, 50% of the income tax collected in Haryana is from Faridabad and Gurugram.

Purpose of Installation

One of the business owners of Faridabad, he was using generators to run office equipment like fans, computers, lights, CCTV cameras, printers, refrigerators, etc. He thought about the cost of diesel and refilling the diesel every day. One day, he decided to install a solar power system in his office.

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He started researching the best solar panel company in Faridabad. He found Loom Solar, a Faridabad-based solar panel manufacturer that sells complete solar solutions for home and business owners. He contacted the Loom Solar support team. The team suggested Shark Solar Panel with double battery solar solutions. The average cost of a 1KW solar panel with an inverter battery system is Rs. 96,000 including all costs.


Loom Solar delivers all the products to the installation location. This company also provides solar installation when a customer buys a complete solar system from 1kW to 10kW. Loom Solar has an experienced solar installation team. They work very safely and professionally and treat customers well in the installation area. They do the complete installation of a 1kW off-grid solar system with the battery within 3-4 hours. He tested all office equipment on the solar power system. You can watch the complete installation video here:


Summer has started and we can’t do anything without electricity. If you are also troubled by a similar problem then you can install solar panels on your roof. Loom Solar is one of the trusted rooftop solar panel companies in India where you can get information about solar products and installation.

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