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1 Billion Jabs Reflect “Image Of New India”: PM’s Top 5 Quotes

New Delhi:
India’s milestone of one billion vaccinations reflects the “image of new India”, Prime Minister said today, a day after India became only the second country after China to reach the historic feat.

Here are PM Modi’s top five quotes:

  1. India has vaccinated 100 crore people, and that too for free. India’s position as a pharma hub will get more acceptance in the world. The vaccine programme shows sabka vikas saba prayaas. Our nation did its duty.
  2. 100 crore vaccine jabs is just not a number. It is the reflection of the capacity of this country, this is a new chapter of the country, a country that knows how to achieve huge targets.

  3. Everyone is comparing India to other countries but remember India’s starting point was different. The other countries have always participated in medicine and vaccination for a long time and everyone questioned whether India will be able to do the needful. 100 crore vaccine jabs is an answer to all the questions.

  4. Vaccine milestone a glorious chapter. It is a reflection of new India.

  5. Our entire vaccine programme is a result of technology. It is science-born, science-driven and science based. Science and scientific approach are at the heart of it.

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